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October 03, 2019 2 min read

Patchouli Incense

The patchouli plant is a permanent member of the mint family. Its bush grows all over the world, Indonesia, China, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Madagascar. It has an attractive smell that might be nostalgic for some people. It can also be used for relaxation, motivation, loveetc. Due to its sweet and particular aroma, practitioners of witchcraft use the herb in two forms – dried leaves or essential oils – for many of their spells.


Meditation and Relaxation:

Patchoulileaves have a very relaxing effect, soothe our irritated nerves, harmonize the body, mind, and let you enjoy sensuality. With its smoke and scent, you can feel enveloped, protected and secured. Burning patchouliincensestrengthens you to let go of your painful past.

Love and lust:

Patchoulileaves have associate exotic and heat smoke that releases our sexy vibrations, rousing the senses, opening them to every alternative and belongs them plunge into physical attraction. In sensual incenses, they unfold their warming and aphrodisiac properties.

Due to these properties, they're usually used for lust and love spells. Patchouliis claimed to draw in eccentric folks and invite lust crammed attractions. It may also be employed in spells to alleviate a broken heart.


For Protection against Negative energy:

It can be used in spells for acquiring or developing self-confidence and getting protection from a variety of threats. As a means of protection, they protect against all negative influences, whether these are exhausting situations or bad-tempered people around. It is even used in spells to receive legal aid and positive judicial decisions.

Patchoulioil has a strong, slightly sweet, intoxicating scent. It's described as having a dark, musky-earthy aroma profile, reminiscent of wet soil. Due to its intense aroma, even when diluted, a little patchoulioil goes a long way. 

Ritual process:

In India, the patchoulileaves are still used today for the perfuming of carpets and garments. They are used for a traditional incense mixture that is burned at the feet of the dead as soon as their eyes are closed. Patchoulileaves are among the smoking plants of the moon. They support our mystical, unconscious and feminine side and connect us to the forces of the moon. Since time immemorial, the moon has always stood for instinct, intuition, magical and mysterious sides of our lives.


Money and prosperity:

Legend has it that Saturn, the god of hard-won gains, rules patchouli. The first patchoulimoney spell is a mental spell, which requires users to place patchoulileaves or oil in their wallet and consider the wallet full of money. There are many other money spells you can do and it said that the spells should be cast on Saturday, the day of Saturn.


Patchoulileaves are in the zodiac sign associated with cancer. People of this character appreciate warmth, security and have a pronounced sense of family. They are sensitive, helpful, imaginative and dreamy. You can place an order for this plant in our store.

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