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April 06, 2021 2 min read

You may have heard of coconut incense fragrances before, but are you aware of the benefits? This fragrance is a popular choice amongst people because of the sweet scent it produces, it is also used traditionally in many cultures. It's also an excellent idea to incorporate this type of scent into your living space, work space, or even your living room.

Coconut fragrance is known to possess a calming and relaxing aroma, primarily because of the sweet scent it produces. Making them ideal for use while working on stressful activities and even to aid the process of falling asleep.

A variety of incense types are available for this fragrance, making it easy to find one which suits your needs the best! Consider lighting an incense stick or cone with this fragrance.

Aromatic Compounds Used:

  • Natural Extracts from wild berries
  • Essential &fragrant oils
  • Resins
  • Essences from plants and herbs


  • Produces a relaxing aroma
  • Can help hide unappealing odors
  • Produces lighter keynotes; great for falling asleep
  • Purifies the air

Produces a Relaxing Aroma:
 Tangled up in your everyday life and struggling to find relief?

There are many ways for you to relieve stress: some of these include nature walks, listening to music, meditation and yoga. A quick walk outside can do a lot of good while also making you feel more grounded.

The smell of Coconut has been known to produce a calming and relaxing aroma. This is because of the sweet keynotes it possesses. This can help relieve stress from your mind or day-to activities you may be doing at home, such as working with stressful tasks like school work, for example!

In certain cultures, people believe that burning incense with coconut fragrance can promote a deeper relaxed state in a healer. This increases the spiritual energy and can even be used to exorcise evil spirits.

Can Help Hide Unappealing Odors:
Baking cookies, attempting to sleep, and napping in your favourite chair all have one thing in common, they all make you feel grounded, comfortable and positive. One of the biggest things ruining this positive energy is foul and unwanted odours. You want to mask that with something more potent than lemon juice or vanilla extract until the scent fades away completely.

Why not use incense fragrances with a hint of Coconut in them? This fragrance produces a creamy keynote with the essence of smooth vanilla beans, wild berries and nutty praline. Consider lighting this fragrance to mask odours like pet smells, musty scents, and even hard to get rid of damp odours in rooms close to bathrooms.

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