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October 14, 2019 3 min read

Hem Frangipani Fragrance Incense

Frangipani is a perfumed flowering tree, additionally known as genus Plumeria. The oil of the colorful flower, additionally called the Hawaiian Lei flower, has been used in perfumery since the sixteenth century, typically as a top or heart note. The flowers are usually very perfumed, the palette of their smells covers several nuances: soft, fruity, peachy, and creamy on the canvas of the soft gardenia-like aroma. I find the fragrance of the flower terribly natural and seducing in Frangipani Incense


Since ancient times, Frangipani Incense is used in rituals and religious practices. In the times where people believe in gods, it was generally used to appease the gods or improve magic spells, and still is a powerful tool for spiritual use today. You can clean your room from negative energy and purify it with the help of this incense.

Burn it to brighten your home with friendship and love. I give protection, purification, courage, dispel negativity, attract love, enhance psychic awareness. Burned to strengthen the clairvoyant powers and scrying abilities. Spirituality, stellar strength, protection, consecration spirit, dispel negativity, aid to meditation, induce psychic visions and attract higher luck.


Burning Frangipani Incense has invariably been a ritual for meditation and yoga, and this is primarily because of its ability to stimulate the brain with a way of calm. The aroma of incense smoke is capable of reducing heart rates, and soothing the nerve pathways within the brain to create you feel fully relaxed and at peace.


Let the incense stick smolder, not burn, to produce an aromatic fragrance. Use a heatproof container to hold the burning incense. Not recommended for use in enclosed and/or unventilated areas. Do not leave the burning incense stick unattended. Keep away from flammable objects. Just make sure that the incense stick is completely extinguished before disposal. Store in a super cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight and also children. 

The Book of Exodus describes the recipe: Whosoever shall make like unto it, to enjoy the smell thereof, shall even be cut off from his people. At the top of the Holy compartment of the tabernacle, next to the curtain dividing it removed from the Most Holy, was placed the incense altar.


Enjoy invigorating, subtle fragrances and attract positive energy in the comfort of your home. Incense sticks have a plethora of benefits. Use our incense for aesthetic, religious, spiritual, meditation and cultural benefits.

-Always use caution when burning magical powders, herbs, roots, and barks, it is hot and will burn the skin and holes in the fabric.

-Keep unlit and burning magical powders, herbs, roots, and barks away from children and pets. Curiosity can lead to accidents and injury.

-Burn magical powders, herbs, roots, and barks in a ventilated area.

-Always take note of where you are burning your magical powders, herbs, roots, and barks and what it could come in contact with, keep away from curtains, lampshades, and any other flammable objects

-Do not take internally. magical powders, herbs, roots, and barks, even if labeled herbal, some may not be meant for human consumption.

-Never leave magical powders, herbs, roots, and barks burning unattended if you are going to sleep or have to go out.

-If you are pregnant, nursing or have small children please see your doctor before burning incense like magical powders, herbs, roots, and barks as some can by toxic to children.

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