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October 30, 2019 2 min read

Importance of Myrrh Incense


Myrrh was used to make Ketoret, which was an incense blend consecrated and used in the early temples of Jerusalem. Found in several aromatherapy practices, myrrhoil is employed to assist with the healing of coughs and colds, insomnia, pain relief, and stimulation of the system. By this time, medical practitioners had recognized and documented the substances' antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, prescribing them for everything from indigestion and chronic coughs to hemorrhoids and bad breath. 

It has a clean heat scent with a touch of spice. A good quality myrrh volatile oil also will harden and calcify around the lid of your bottle. This makes it tough to open typically, however it's additionally an assurance that your Myrrh is pure and of fantastic quality! Myrrh is that the solely volatile oil to try and do this. 

Myrrh additionally seems within the book of Exodus collectively of the ingredients within the “oil of holy ointment,” and within the book of Esther as an item that was Even a lot of curiously, it’s mentioned as a reasonably esthetical fragrance within the Song of Solomon. Why was it so important in the early books of the bible?  because it was an item that was sacred to the Hebrew people, and is described in the Tanakh and Talmud. Myrrh was used to make Ketoret, which was an incense blend consecrated and used in the early temples of Jerusalem. When it comes to magical uses, it has a wide variety of applications. Because the scent is fairly strong, it’s often used in conjunction with other herbs or resins, like frankincense or sandalwood. Associated with purification and cleansing, you can use myrrh in various kind of different ritual and magical contexts. Try one or more of the following:

Burn Myrrh Incense, combined with frankincense, in rituals related to banishing. In some charming traditions, myrrh is incorporated into workings to interrupt hexes and curses, or for cover against charming and psychic attack. You can additionally mix Myrrh Incense into an incense to use for purifying sacred spaces, or to consecrate charming tools and different things. In ancient Egypt, Myrrh Incense was typically used as an offering to the divinity Isis, therefore if you’re doing a ritual calling upon her for assistance, incorporate myrrh into your celebration.  If you’re feeling stressed out, try this: burn some myrrh nearby to help relax and calm your nerves. Myrrh was used to make Ketoret, which was an incense blend consecrated and used in the early temples of Jerusalem. You can also put it in a pouch and place it under your pillow, to bring about restful and peaceful sleep.

Add Myrrh Incense to healing sachets for workings related to wellness. If somebody who is ill can tolerate the scent, try putting some myrrh in a tin or bowl of water over a heat supply, to form a scented atmospheres myrrh in the sickroom. Use myrrh in incense blends such as  Full Moon Incense or a fiery summer incense blend to burn at Litha or Beltane.

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