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October 08, 2019 2 min read

Padmini Incense - A high quality incense


A perfect mix of traditional values vision, Padmini is a company dedicated to redefining the traditional art of incense creation. All Padmini fragrances are created using natural, aromatic herbs to pass a demanding quality control method in order to confirm immaculate bliss.


The house of Padmini is world-renowned for developing premium high-quality incense since the first 1960’s. just like the Nag Champa incense by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya became world-famous, therefore did the three-inch solid incense dhoop sticks created by Padmini.


The most common of all Padmini incense fragrances. This contains a delicate fragrance with a balsamic note. an art inherited from the ages when art flourished, and immortal sculptures and designs were created. Complementing their beauty were skillful blends of natural fragrances rolled on sticks - spiritual Guide being one in each of them. spread the fragrance of peace.



It is this 1st product that opened the doors into the planet of incense for Padmini. a bit like high technology companies like HP started in an exceeding garage, so did Padmini. From these humble beginnings, the company shortly became one amongst the top three exporters of incense from India during the 1980’s marketing over 100 exotic fragrances.

Incense Sticks are related to providing peace, tranquility and a scented freshness because it imbibes the essence of the many traditional ingredients glorious to provide a soul-soothing effect. every Incense stick when lit fills your home or environment with a lovely and sweet fragrance, blissful relaxation, aiding to create your meditative and spiritual journey smooth.


From times unknown Agarbattis, additionally called incense sticks/prayer sticks are known to elevate moods. These sticks are supposed to help meditation. however Agarbattis are principally related to providing peace, tranquillity and of course freshness as it imbibes the essence of the many ancient ingredients best-known to provide a soul-soothing impact.



The sticks are straightforward and safe to lightweight, as well as durable. light one in the morning, making a soothing and calming surrounding while you meditate or exercise. you can also use it in the evening to relax in its reassuring aroma after a tiring day at work.


Padmini Incense brings along the wisdom and tradition of ancient India with the strain of today for brand new and delightful scents. Thinking of this incense, one thinks of softer, gentler scents as an entire, and yet most are pervasive in releasing the lovely fragrance. however there are some gorgeous samples of scents that don't match that mold - Arya incense is a strong floral and also the absolute classic "Padmini Incense" is a powerful and addictive scent.



Padmini incense is comparatively more expensive than most different Indian incense due to the premium quality raw materials used in manufacturing. What differentiates Padmini incense from others:


- Using the latest technology in their creative R&D labs to create exotic scent blends.


- Expensive fragrance concentrates imported from all over the world.


- Using exotic and rare resins just like Halmaddi, Benzoin etc.


-Technologists trained at Grasse, France is known as the fragrance capital of the world.

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