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October 09, 2019 2 min read

Tibetan Chandra Devi Incense

Chandra Devi Incense is one of the most sought-after incense from Nepal. Completely handmade using only the purest natural ingredients many of which are indigenous and only found only in this remote area. All Tibetan Chandra Devi products are a result of this ancient art. More than in other cultures, Tibetans employ incense as a spiritual aid and as part of healing rituals. They produce several different verities of incense, each 100% natural and free from any synthetic or artificial ingredients.

Tibetan Incense is indeed one of the most favored incense brands from Nepal. Chandra Devi Incense is one of the best incense fragrances of Tibetan Incense. It is made in Tibet, Northern parts of Nepal, and Bhutan. Incense is a vital representation of Tibetan culture. These incenses have a characteristic "earthy" or herbal fragrance to them. This incense can contain thirty or a lot of ingredients. like most Asian incense, Tibetan incense isn't rolled around a bamboo stick but is extruded into lengths or coils.

This natural herbal incense is comprised of the thirty-five or a lot of exotic herbs gathered in Nepal. it has a clean and easy grassy, woody aroma with no major overpowering single ingredient in its composition, instead of presenting a subtly complicated, herbal fragrance. we would suggest this incense for the cleansing of sacred spaces. There is no or very little use of essential oils to flavor them so when they are thoroughly dried they will last for many years with little degradation in quality.

Tibetan Chandra Devi Incense made from various Himalayan herbs including containing sandalwood and jasmine. It’s Made from Red sandalwood & a variety of herbs grown at the foot of mountains of Everest. Use this incense to achieve spiritual happiness. 

Chandra Devi Incense is widely used for meditation, relaxation, and cleansing one's environment.  It delivers an aroma that can help to soothe and calm a restless mind. Our incense is made up of pure herbs, spices, flowers, and minerals. There are no glues, dyes or bamboo sticks that would be harmful to inhale.  We carry over a hundred unique blends of Tibetan incense, all traditionally ready by hand, according to centuries-old recipes from the monastic traditions in the Himalayas. 

Because Chandra Devi Incenses are small thicker than Indian style stick incense, please confirm you have got a suitable holder like Backflow Incense Burner; many are available further on during this product section. as an alternative, a ceramic bowl stuffed with sand is more than appropriate.

Tibetan prayer flags are flown for hundreds of years throughout the Himalayan region.  These lovely colorful flags are printed with prayers, that once blown in the wind, carry goodwill to all or any in the area. it's an associate ancient tradition, qualitative analysis back thousands of years, with the intent of transportation profit to all, invoking compassion, harmony, peace, wisdom, and strength, and protectively against dangers and evil.


Chandra Devi Incense is a completely natural handcrafted product produced by Chandra Devi Swoyambhu, Manjushrihmandu, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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