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April 13, 2021 4 min read

The Mysterious Patchouli Fragrance: What is it?

There are many different types of oils and fragrances that we can use in our everyday lives. But what about patchouli? Patchouli is a species of flowering plants often seen as an aromatic compound for making Incense. The plant isn't always directly used. Instead, the oil from it is extracted and used with a combination for its fragrance. This type of oil has been popular for decades now because of its sweet, earthy, and musky scent that can be great for yoga, meditation or even relaxation.

Patchouli oil also has a few cultural and traditional uses, making it popular in the recent age as well. People who are into any scents similar to herbs will enjoy this fragrance because it's a little different from what they're used to! People often have questions like whether it is edible or if there is any specific benefit of rubbing the oil directly on your skin. That's why we are here; we want to debuff some of the myths and talk about the basic things that the Patchouli Incense is capable of.

What is Patchouli?

Patchouli is a species of flowering plants often seen as an aromatic compound for making Incense. The plant isn't always used directly. Instead, the oil from it is extracted and used with a combination of other aromatic compounds like essential and fragrant oils for its fragrance- giving off asweet earthy and musky scent.

Found popularly being during the times of the ancient Egyptian civilization! It can be great when you're feeling stressed or anxious because this scent; makes sense considering how we experience our olfactory system by inhaling certain smells like patchouli? This means: You might want to try using some during yoga sessions, too, so they'll have more benefits than just relaxing alone. Some other ways you can use patchouli are:


What does Patchouli Incense Smell Like?

But first, we must ask- What is the benefit of this specific fragrance- This type of scent can help relieve stress. That is because of its sweet earthy aromatic texture. People relate to scents that are sweet and have according reactions to them. It's as simple as smelling a batch of freshly baked cookies in the morning or lavender during the afternoon. Patchouli gives off a unique scent that people can relate to, if not find relaxing.

We have briefly mentioned its sweet and aromatic texture, but we want to list them down again for you. This fragrance contains keynotes that are:

It's often described by some simply saying, "it smells good." Others say they feel relaxed when smelling Patchouli Incense because there seems something about them being familiar or comforting. These keynotes that make up this type of fragrance are scents that is often common with incense, which is why it's so popular among people who like thisaroma in general- It has a sweet earthiness to its scent with a sweet aromatic texture!


Types of Patchouli Incense

There are many types of incense types available to choose from. The most popular of them being incense sticks and cones. These types of incense can respectively burn for up to 25-30 minutes depending on their size and fragrance. However, did you know there is also a specific type of incense called smudge sticks you can consider using for your house?

Smudge sticks are a bundle made by binding together aromatic compounds instead of blending them into the form of a stick or cone. Smudge sticks contain the herb directly. These are often seen being mostly used in traditional ceremonies in certain cultures, but can also be used for general purposes as well.

You can also use patchouli oils. These oils are usually pure essential patchouli oils. This has been extracted and distilled for use in aromatherapy or as an ingredient used with other oils such as lavender-patchouli blend.

Patchouli is a Spice or Herb?

By itself, it is an herb. Patchouli oil is a popular scent for those who are into spices like cinnamon and sandalwood, but there's also an important difference between the two. Patchouli has been used as medicine in many cultures since ancient times- it was even found being used with Egyptian mummies! It can be great to use when you're feeling stressed or anxious because of its calming effects on your mind which can help reduce anxiety levels over time if taken regularly while meditating; this makes sense considering that one way we reciprocate feelings is through our olfactory system by inhaling certain scents. This being said-you might want to try burning incense fragrance with patchouli essence during yoga sessions or while you are working, so they'll have more benefits than just relaxing alone.



Difference between Spices & Herbs

There are a more noticeable differences people always forget about when it comes to spices and herbs. That is the origin of these compounds, for example, herbs are usually found growing in a moderate climate and are usually extracts from herbaceous plants. You will also notice that, when people use these herbs, they particularly use their leaves and stems as ingredients.

With spices, however, their origination is a bit more different. These compounds grow in a more tropical climate and are not limited to being just the leaves and stems of a plants. They can come from flower buds, like fruits or even seeds. For example, one popular spice used in both cooking and aromatherapy is cinnamon. This is an aromatic condiment that is obtained from the inner bark of a certain type of tree called the Genus Cinnamomum.

The difference between herbs and spices is that while they both have a strong scent, the former is usually used more popularly for cooking. Spices on other hand can be eaten or cooked directly. Patchouli oil has many benefits when it comes down to its medicinal properties which makes sense considering how long-ago people started using this plant as medicine; there's no wonder why so many cultures use patchouli today too because of all these amazing affects you get by just smelling something sweet yet earthy at once.

Hopefully, with our blog, you now know a bit more about the Patchouli fragrance and its benefits. Consider leaving us a comment so we can help connect with you and answer any questions you may have regarding incense fragrances and its types.

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