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October 16, 2019 2 min read

Incense Fragrance: Lemongrass

Lemongrass Incense is traditionally hand-rolled from natural herbs, oils, and other ingredients. This refreshing herbal incense stimulates and energizes the body and mind and uplifts the soul. This incense can also be burnt as an insect repellent. This alertness inducing fragrance incense is made from natural extracts of lemongrass. Lemongrass is an aromatic tropical grass that yields an oil that smells of lemon. it's wide employed in Asian cooking and in perfumery and medication. Its crisp and citrusy lemon-like base notes and sweet higher tones revitalize your tired body and mind, helps cure fatigue and bring joy. Lemongrass incense is wide employed in aromatherapy for its strong rejuvenating and uplifting properties.

The Lemongrass Incense is made by rural self-help women groups by using premium floral essences. The exotic aroma of the Incense stays longer and rejuvenates you completely. This refreshing herbal incense stimulates and energizes the body and mind and uplifts the soul. It promotes mental alertness and is excellent for cleansing and purifying the environment of unwanted energies and to aid relaxation and stress-relief. It is also particularly used during spiritual ceremonies and meditation sessions to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. This Incense is Handmade, Hand-rolled with the finest natural herbs which give a pleasant and soothing/relaxing aroma. The Art of making incense using only essential oils, natural herbs, aromatic extracts, resins, roots, and flowers have been perfected by Auroganics over the years.

Lemongrass Incense can be burned throughout times of meditation, prayer, general reflection or to assist cleanse and clear the air and build a space sacred. Native Americans burn bundles of sage, known as smudge sticks, to assist clear the air of negative energy. Buddhists also offer incense to purify what has been offered on the altar and to create the causes to have morality, ethics and hold one's vows well - virtues of the Bodhisattva spirit of selfless altruism to benefit others. Hence it is strongly encouraged to offer the best incense (and by extension, the best offerings) that one can afford.

Lemongrass blends well with Ginger to grant an extra boost to the vascular system. alternative oils that are appropriate to mix with Lemongrass are Eucalyptus, Geranium, and Lavender. Monks and religious leaders well know the calming effects of incense. certain incense aromas work to prevent the center rate and soothe nerves. These calming effects help to relieve settled tension within the muscles, sanctionative incense conjointly to be used as a muscle agent.

Directions for Use:

  • Light the incense stick and place it horizontally on the bed of ash in an incense burner
  • Light more Hem Lemongrass Incense for stronger fragrances
  • A small quantity of powder incense may also be sprinkled over the lit incense stick
  • Always burn incense in moderate quantities to prevent overheating
  • Never leave unattended
  • For the spiritual or meditational purpose
  • Used for conveying prayers to god every morning
  • For creating inviting and refreshing aura

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