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October 04, 2019 2 min read

American Wildberry Incense

The Wild Berry was established circa 1971 in Oxford, Ohio. From humble beginnings, we've now spread our peace, love, and incense all over the world. Premium quality hand dipped incense sticks. This set contains: Dragons Blood / Fizzy Pop / Opium / Patchouli / Peace of Mind Please note: Jars shown in photograph are for display purposes only and is NOT included in the purchase. Each scent is individually packed in resealable plastic bags to keep the freshness locked in!  With over premium quality fragrances we're sure you'll enjoy America's Best Incense. Wild Berry uses only the highest quality fragrances and a secret ingredient insures the fragrance stays fresh and smells the same on the stick as it does when it burns. Each Wild Berry Incense is aromatic and sensual in its own way. Wild Berry incense has been lovingly hand-dipped since 1971. Each incense stick is made from proprietary formulas of only the finest ingredients. Wild Berry guarantees their incense to be fresh and rewarding to the senses!

This popular incense is a best seller because of it's quality and range of scents. You can try our wide range that is available at a great price direct to your door in the UK and worldwide. WildBerry is such a popular incense because of the special fixative methods to keep scents fresh and long-lasting. It is hand dipped using more fragrance per stick - up to ten times the number of other brands. You can try in small amounts and smell the difference for yourself.

  • Wildberry Incense - The most popular brand in America!
  • Superior, intense fragrance guaranteed!
  • Great Way to Sample these Amazing Wild Berry Incense Sticks!



It can be a bit daunting picking out what you want to sell in your store. If you order one of our starter kits, it will automatically come with the top sellers. You can have confidence in trying this brand of incense because it has been made for over 25 successful years. 

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